This poor dog, a product of being homeless with no medical care or a consistent diet, was merely a walking skeleton. She was covered in mange that had gotten so bad that her skin looked like it could just flake off.

She walked with her head down, as if she felt shame. She was sad, alone, and in dire need of a loving touch.

Animal Aid was called in to help her. They’re her only hope. Knowing how painful her skin must be, they use a blanket to grab her. Yes, of course, she was scared. But getting her off the streets was a must! It was life or death.

She was immediately taken to see the medical team. That is when she realized they were there to help her. Her whole demeanor changed. She no longer felt shame or alone.

After a thorough exam, it was time for a treatment plan. First and foremost, she needed rest and a high-calorie diet.

Having a big bowl of food must have felt like the greatest gift to the starving dog. And the bowls of food kept on coming, every single day. For the first time in her life, she ate to her heart’s content!

The best way to treat mange is to give a dog medicated baths. She received them daily. With kind hands, and antibiotics to treat infection, her mange began to heal.

The vet said it was only a matter of days before she would have died. Her body was so far gone. Her rescue proved miraculous! Look at her now! She has truly earned her ‘warrior badge.’ And a new name, Mary.

Beautiful Mary will live at the sanctuary until she can find a loving forever home. Animal Aid works with the community to place animals that will do well in homes. If Mary doesn’t find a family, she will live out her life at the sanctuary, happily interacting with all the loving volunteers daily.

Mary now has a real support team and other doggy friends to play with. The once ‘walking skeleton’ that hung her head in shame is now a miracle on four legs! Thank you, Animal Aid! To see Mary’s rescue, watch the entire video below.