There are millions of dogs in the world who are afraid of loud things like the vacuum cleaner. Maximus the Golden Retriever puppy is not one of them. In fact, some might argue that Maximus finds the vacuum a soothing, calming, zen-like experience.

The darling doggo’s owner posted a clip of the furball riding around on a robotic vacuum. He cruises around without a care in the world and seems to find the process quite enjoyable.

Source: goldenmax_9519/Instagram

As you watch the video, notice how chilled out this little guy is without a care in the world. He turns the corners with ease and lets the robot work its magic.

You must watch this video until the very end because things take a comedic turn for the worst. Don’t worry though, no one gets hurt.

Source: goldenmax_9519/Instagram

Most pet parents would love to have a sweet pup like this to help with chores around the house. Watch this cutie pie in action in the video below.