Rick Darge, a filmmaker in California, has a very special bond with his Rat Terrier mix, Maya. So When Maya got loose and went missing this past July, Darge was absolutely heartbroken.

He searched high and low for Maya, but there was no sign of her anywhere. He put up flyers all over the neighborhood in the hopes that someone would call him if she were found. He refused to give up hope and had a feeling that Maya had been found and was safe with the person who found her.

And Darge wasn’t too far off. A few days after she went missing, Darge’s cell phone rang. It was a man named James who had been taking care of Maya. When Darge went to meet with James, he did much more than pick up his dog.

Darge learned the amazing story behind how James wound up with Maya. It turns out that Maya wasn’t far from Darge’s office and made her way to a group of homeless men who took her in. Thinking she was a stray, they gave her to James to care for.

It was almost like fate brought Maya to James, because a week earlier, James had lost his beloved dog. He was overjoyed to have another dog in his life, but then he noticed that Maya had tags under her harness, which had Darge’s number on it.

He knew right away that he had to call Darge as soon as possible. He knew what it felt like to be missing your dog and he wanted to let Darge know that Maya was ok.

Darge was so grateful for James and his generosity toward Maya and reuniting them.

“I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now through words,” Darge wrote on Facebook. “All I must say is that my faith in people just got a whole lot better. I often find that those who have nothing in this world often have the most to give. Lessons were learned today for everyone.”

Darge thanked him by giving him $200, but James did not want to accept the money. Rescuing Maya and reuniting her with her human was enough to make James happy.

Darge decided to start a GoFundMe page for James to help get him off the streets. He initially set a goal of $1,111 but to his surprise, he raised more than $10,000!

Darge and James kept in touch and even had dinner together a month later. He told James about how much money he raised, and James nearly fainted. He was beyond grateful for this opportunity to get back on his feet.

James and his girlfriend plan on using the money to buy a motor home, so they can finally sleep in a warm bed. He also would like to start his own business, where he will show tourists around Los Angeles.