The McCain family is once again mourning the loss of a beloved family member, and this time it’s the late Senator John McCain’s beloved Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Burma.

Senator McCain passed away from glioblastoma, a brain tumor, at the age of 81 in 2018. McCain’s daughter, Meghan, shared the sad news of the dog’s passing on Instagram.

Source: MeghanMcCain/Instagram

The View co-host shared, “Every time I think my heart can’t be broken any further…our dog Burma was my fathers birthday present years ago and was absolutely and truly devoted to him. She would never leave his side, followed him around every single step when he would walk around our ranch, slept by his side every night and we always said Chesapeake Bay Retrievers were the most affectionate breed of dogs.”

Source: CindyMcCain/Instagram

Burma was often seen with the Senator in photos, and his daughter says that the “love this dog gave him was equal to a family member.”

The passing of a beloved family pet is one of the worst things a dog owner can experience. Our condolences go out to the McCain family on this loss.

Source: CindyMcCain/Instagram