9-year-old Gideon Kidd is taking the world by storm by doing something every dog lover absolutely approves of: He reviews every dog he meets (and pets) on his Twitter account “I’ve Pet That Dog.”

Gideon started his blog in 2016 when he was only 7-years-old. He and his mom decided that each dog he met and pet has a backstory and he should write about it. It mostly began with Gideon’s favorite breed of dog, Chihuahuas.

Twitter/I’ve Pet That Dog

Then in April 2018, Gideon created a Twitter page with the same name as his blog, “I’ve Pet That Dog.” For his first post, Gideon shared a picture petting a handsome dog named Moose.

Gideon and his mom thought it would be a great idea to also include a backstory with each dog’s photo, sharing a fun fact. He first did that with his own pooch, Walter.

Gideon typically includes the dog’s age and breed and a little tidbit about the dog’s personality. The Twittersphere took to Gideon and his dog-loving personality. His Twitter page quickly exploded and he now has over 72,000 followers.

The junior dog lover has now met and pet 334 dogs! He and his mom usually go on their scouting adventures after school. They’ll drive around, spot a dog, and ask the dog’s owner if he can meet the pup and take a photo with him/her. Some owners aren’t keen on the idea which Gideon says doesn’t upset him. He just continues to scout for more dogs with owners who understand and accept his mission.

Twitter/I’ve Pet That Dog

Gideon was interviewed by Yahoo, where he explains the best way to pet a dog especially if dogs make you nervous:

“If you put your hand under their nose, you can let them sniff you. He’ll bark and growl if he doesn’t want you to pet him. If he does want you to pet him, he’ll come to you happily.”

Gideon has also pet other animals. He recently posted a picture where he meets (and of course pets!) a goat. Still, even though Gideon claims to be a total animal lover, dogs are still his favorite.

Twitter/I’ve Pet That Dog

The boy with the most adorable mission has no desire to slow down. He wants to continue meeting as many dogs as possible. He loves how each dog is unique, even if they’re the same breed or have a similar appearance. Every dog he encounters has his very own story and his own way of saying “hi” to Gideon.

Twitter/I’ve Pet That Dog

As far as dog lovers go, he’s one cool kid we just can’t get enough of! Follow Gideon on his doggy adventures by clicking here!