“Animal Aid Unlimited” received an urgent rescue call about a dying homeless dog stranded in a dirty ditch. The poor dog had fallen into the ditch after being hit by a passing car. The dog was rendered paralyzed as her back legs were crushed in the accident.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

For hours, the dog hopelessly cried for help in the lonely ditch. When the rescuers finally arrived, her eyes sparked with hope and she started wagging her tail vigorously. One of the rescuers lovingly stroked her head and reassured her that things will be okay. Soon, the dog was on her way to the hospital.

At the vet’s, the dog calmly endured the painful medical procedures while her tail wagged non-stop. Despite the unbearable trauma she had endured, she was one of the most cooperative patients ever! Charmed by her sweetness, the rescuers named her “Meetika”, which means “soft and quiet” in the local language.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

Under the loving care of the rescue workers, she slowly began to heal! If you wish to help Animal Aid Unlimited in their rescue endeavors, you can visit their donation page here. Let’s raise our voices against reckless drivers!

Click the video below to watch Meetika’s soul-stirring rescue by this heroic team!