This Siberian Husky, named Biscuit, lived his entire life on a chain. That is, until now! Biscuit, along with eight other dogs, was rescued by Amy Hines, a staff member of Dogs Deserve Better.

She spotted them while she was visiting Kentucky, chained up on a property with no shelter. She knew she couldn’t leave them outside alone like that and wanted to do something about it as soon as possible.

Instead of just driving by like many other people might have, she stopped and saved one of them. But she didn’t stop there; she spoke with the owner until she rescued every single dog off the property!

Biscuit was then brought to their Good Newz Rehab Center in Virginia. In the video below, you can witness Biscuit taking his first-ever freedom run on a six-acre field. It’s absolutely amazing and so heartwarming!

Biscuit and his canine friends never deserved to be chained up for so long in the first place. No dog should ever have to live their life on a chain. They deserve to be treated as if they are part of the family… because they are! Thankfully these dogs will now be safe, free, and most importantly, loved!