What possesses any human being to hurt an animal, we do not know. We are built for compassion. We, as humans, understand that animals are nearly helpless and need gentle care and understanding. Sadly, in this kitten’s case, he wasn’t just on his own as a stray, he was savagely mistreated for no reason whatsoever.

Michael is approximately 8 months old. He has asked for nothing in his life. He was born as a stray and had to fight to survive. Food is scarce but he was managing. Then, out of nowhere, his life is threatened by a group of drug addicts that were just “having some fun.”

The group of thugs took a baseball bat and took turns beating Michael. As the sweet cat, who did NOTHING to deserve this, lay helpless, the thugs shattered his pelvis, leaving him paralyzed in an instant. A bystander saw this happening but was too scared of the large group to intervene until they had left. Once they did, she ran over to the cat and made a call to He’Art of Rescue.

The kind woman was instructed to bring the cat to He’Art of Rescue’s medical center immediately. He was evaluated and the rescue group is certain that they can help Michael. They just need to work together, with their donators, to operate on Michael’s pelvis. In all likelihood, he will need more than one surgery and extensive physical therapy.

However, Michael is worth it. All animals are. We ask that if you see something like this, call for help immediately. Do not intervene and endanger yourself. We are rooting for Michael’s recovery. Can we all send him prayers? He needs them desperately, as does the rescue group! Let’s hope they operate soon!

To learn more about Michael and his story, play the video below. No scenes of the beating are shown!