Cops in Niagara Falls are looking into a sickening case of animal cruelty after a man was reported to have cropped off the ears of 7 newborn Pit Bull puppies. The puppies were brought to the vet a whole month after this alleged incident, after their ears became inflamed and fully infected.


Source: WGRZ-TV/YouTube


Initial investigations have revealed that the puppies’ owner is a breeder who wanted to have their ears cropped for “cosmetic reasons”. But instead of getting this procedure done at a medical facility with proper anesthesia, the breeder made a cheap deal with a shady man without considering the puppies’ safety. Cops are looking for any information that can help arrest the abuser and get these puppies justice. Spread the word.

Update: Cops have arrested 45-year-old Michael Anthony Paonessa on numerous counts of felony animal cruelty for ruthlessly clipping the puppies’ ears. Michael has pleaded “not guilty” to the charges. He claims that the puppies’ owner wanted to save the $2450 on the procedure at a vet clinic, so she paid him $250 in total to get the job done.


Source: WGRZ-TV/YouTube


Michael has no certifications whatsoever to perform the procedure on the puppies. He is due for a trial at a later date. Meanwhile, the puppies are back with their owner. While it is Michael who carried out the “unlawful” clipping, the owner’s beauty-obsessed mindset has left us disgusted. Do you think the owner should be held accountable for her shallow and irresponsible actions? Let us know in the comments.

Click the video below to watch a report on the puppies’ health and Michael’s arrest.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.