A disturbing video of a Pet City employee of Chapel Hills mall, Colorado Springs, has surfaced, which shows the employee disregarding the safety of the puppies and putting them through extreme mishandling and abuse.


Source: Michele Edling/Facebook


This video shows the employee grabbing the puppies by the neck, and roughly tossing them in the enclosure like disposable goods. The employee not only shoves the anxious puppies inside the crate, but also slams the door shut on the puppy’s torso.

This video was taken by the daughter of a woman named Michelle Edling. Michelle was so “sad and furious” at this abuse that she posted the video online and it soon went viral. The public outcry induced the Pet City authorities to issue an apology and fire the employee in question.


Source: Michele Edling/Facebook


The puppies in this video are said to be under physical examination for any possible injuries. Pet City has also decided to review its existing animal handling and care instruction-set so that such abuse does not occur again. We think it’s about time some necessary steps are taken towards the better training of employees handling animals.

Click the video below to watch how this former-employee abused the puppies through blatant mishandling.