Residents of New Bedford, Massachusetts, are outraged after a video of a man beating his tiny puppy with a metal pipe surfaced online. This disturbing video, supposedly taken by a neighbor, shows the abuser chasing his helpless dog and hitting him repeatedly with the metal rod for 3 hours.


Source: WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube | Max Pixel


However, many residents were left frustrated after the cops refused to take any action in spite of the video evidence. Later, one of the residents tracked down the man in the video to be 41-year-old Miguel Martinez, and confronted him for his abusive actions. When the resident found Miguel, he blocked the dog owner on his own driveway and refused to let him by.

Miguel was forced to call the cops to report the angry resident’s actions. But thanks to the brave resident’s “stunt”, the cops finally arrived there and saved the dog from further abuse. Altogether, the cops removed 3 puppies and 1 adult dog from the man’s custody.


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The dogs’ injuries are being evaluated by a forensic veterinarian but Miguel is yet to be arrested. New Bedford Police Department is now investigating this incident as a case of animal cruelty. They have requested the public to share any information that can further establish this man’s abusive history. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch the horrific footage of the man thrashing his dog.

WARNING: The contents of this video might be disturbing to some viewers.