Military working dogs put their lives on the line every day in the name of their country. One of those dogs, Maiko, bravely saved the lives of an entire team of United States soldiers.

The Twitter page for @usawtfmJ1 stated, “Along with SGT Jasso, MPC Maiko was killed in action on 24 November 2018 in Afghanistan. His actions saved the life of his handler and other Rangers. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!”

Source: Twitter/@usawtfmJ1

Maiko gave all so that the humans in the team would not be harmed. The team was executing a raid on Al-Qaida militants in the Nimruz Province. Both Maiko and Sgt. Leandro Jasso were killed in the firefight of that raid.

The courageous dog was seven years old at the time of his death. He served over six tours in Afghanistan and was a part of over 50 Ranger-led raids.

Source: Twitter/@usawtfmJ1

In another Tweet, Maiko’s bio read, “Rest assured, Maiko never backed down from a fight with the enemy, training or combat. He embodied what it means to be a Ranger.”

We thank you for your service, Maiko, and extend our deepest condolences to all affected by your passing.