For many years, child rearing was taken very seriously. It was an expectation put on countless couples– “first comes love, then comes marriage then comes a child in a baby carriage.” But times they are a-changing. And we wholeheartedly support that!

Child rearing is expensive. There’s diapers, formula, doctor visits, childcare, toys, onesies (and SO much more). In many cases, millennials want to hold onto their careers as long as possible and a baby could change that. But a pet can fit right in.

In fact, according to Neilson, annual household spending on pet food has increased by 36 percent between 2007 and 2017.

The study found that most of the consumers are actually younger people who are spending more money on pet food by purchasing higher quality kibble. In the past, pet food was, well, pet food. Now younger consumers are opting for grain-free, raw food, and high-quality costly diets.

It’s not just high food costs, according to multiple sources, pet owners are spending more on their pets than ever! Including birthdays and Christmas!

Neilson states:

“The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports that U.S. consumers continue to amplify their total spend on their pets with each passing year—something they’ve done by at least $2 billion each year since the mid 1990s. For example, the APPA cites that Americans spent $69.5 billion on their pets last year, up from $66.75 billion in 2016. Back in 2007, they spent $41.2 billion.”

In addition to the ever-growing popularity of dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and hangouts are popping up like pimples on a teenager.

Taking your dog around town in a doggy stroller isn’t so weird anymore either. In the past, dog owners who treated their pups like children got some serious side-eye. Now it’s just a part of the everchanging scenery we’ve adjusted to.

What’s even more ‘shocking’ (we just think it’s cool, really) is that these “crazy” millennials are spending more on their pets than they do on their loved ones. Sorry, mom.

Baby gender reveal parties and videos are increasingly being replaced with breed reveals thanks to doggy DNA tests.

There are many reasons why the younger generation is waiting longer to procreate but one thing is for certain: they LOVE their pets. And we totally support that.