When Solomon Lee and his girlfriend, Stacy, went on a trip, they left their pup named Milo in the care of a petsitter. But when they returned from their trip, there was terrible news waiting for them.



Apparently, Milo was thrown from the roof of a 4-story Los Angeles building, onto the roof of the neighboring building. The fall was so bad, it left Milo with a broken back and paralyzed back limbs. Firefighters were called in to rescue Milo as the roof had no access to it.

Dr. Laurent Guiot, of Access Animal Hospital In Culver City, who is in charge of Milo’s medical care, told Solomon that Milo’s injuries were so severe that he would most likely be permanently paralyzed.



Solomon had found the petsitter through the petsitting app called Rover. After this incident, Rover released a statement saying:

“…we are focused on joining Milo’s family in hoping for a swift recovery and supporting them in any way possible. This type of incident is extremely rare on our platform, and we take it very seriously.”



Rover said the petsitter in question is no longer with the company. Rover has started its own investigation and is covering all of Milo’s medical expenses. Milo will soon be fitted with a doggie wheelchair and is expected to live a full life.

We hope the perpetrators of this heinous act are caught as soon as possible and brought to justice.

Click the video below to watch the new report on this horrific act of animal cruelty.

h/t ABC7