Prepare to laugh! It was a regular afternoon and Flip the miniature horse was getting some work in with his trainer. It all seemed to be normal, you know… until he lost his mind.

What person likes to practice? This hilarious horse is no different.

His trainer, Eva Roemaat, said Flip is normally wiling to train without a problem, but this time the miniature horse was none of it.

We can’t even blame Flip, acting silly is just so much more fun than doing actual work.

He just took off and his trainer couldn’t do anything but laugh. Like a rocket tethered to a post, the miniature horse ran around in a giant circle.

While that is enough to get a laugh, he also took a quite a stumble during that crazy run. It was a bit funny to be honest, but the part that really got us is that he pretended like nothing happened, “nothing to see here.”

It looked like he learned his lesson after the spill and was finally going to be a good horse and get ready for training, but he once again had other plans. Flip just took off all over again. Maybe he was just living up to the phrase, “horsing around!”

The trainer was trying to get control of the horse, but the hilarity of the situation got the better of her again. Who could blame her?

It looks like Flip, just like the rest of us, needs to blow off some steam from time to time. We’re sure his son will be just as nuts.