When people think of service animals, a dog usually comes to mind. However, there’s a new pony in town, and that “pony” happens to be miniature horses.

Horses first became recognized as a service animal in the United States in 2011. Their height, sturdiness, and reliability make them the perfect service companion for those with issues getting around.

Source: Legacy Miniature Horse Therapy/Facebook

For those with dog allergies, horses are a great service animal alternative.

The Legacy Miniature Horse Therapy Facebook page shows people how to engage a miniature horse as a therapy animal.

For example, on their Facebook page, they wrote, “Always prepare your horses to be around children who jump, clap and scream, start with this jumping exercise and build from there…by the time your done your horse should be able to stand calmly while a person runs up BEHIND them clapping and screaming…because the reality is this happens often when out in public, kids see a small horse get excited and run full speed up to your horse…better to be prepared than scared.”


Source: Legacy Miniature Horse Therapy/Facebook

Although guide horses are not suited for everyone, the Guide Horse Foundation says that they demonstrate excellent judgment with obstacle avoidance training. They’ve been showing humans how to get around for ages.

Some airlines are even allowing mini horses on flights, and rightfully so. Check out the training video below and giddy up!