Miss Willie, a Corgi mix, has spent the last decade chained up to a tree outside. For 12 years, she has not experienced one ounce of fun and has never known what it felt like to be loved.

That is until PETA stepped in to rescue this poor girl. Luckily, PETA workers were able to convince Miss Willie’s owner to surrender her so that she could live out the rest of her days in a better place.

Miss Willie only had 16 days left to live, but it was by far the best 16 days she’s ever experienced. Volunteers quickly pieced together a fun bucket list for Miss Willie, which included a trip to the beach, a ride on a fire engine, a birthday party, pizza night, a canoe ride, a relaxing spa day, among many other paw-some things.

Not only did Miss Willie get to have fun for the first time, she also got to experience comfort when she spent the night sleeping in her first-ever bed!

This wasn’t the first time that PETA has seen Miss Willie. Volunteers have kept their eye on her for the past 10 years, begging her owner to surrender her, but he always refused. Volunteers visited her often to feed her food and make sure she was ok. They were even kind enough to bring her a kennel filled with straw to help her brave the cold winter nights.

When PETA worker Jes Cochran most recently visited Miss Willie, she appeared sicker than ever, suffering from a bad cough and unable to stand. It turns out that she had heartworm disease and tumors on her lungs, among other health issues.

Thankfully PETA was able to take her in and make her final days on Earth the best possible. No dog deserves to spend their life on a chain, and thankfully Miss Willie was finally able to feel love.

Miss Willie sadly passed away 16 days after her rescue, but she went peacefully, surrounded by people who loved her.