A Missouri man has been sentenced to nine years in prison after he stole a dog, stabbed her 11 times until she died, dumped her remains on her owner’s doorstep, and then sent her a Snapchat saying it sounded like she was having a “ruff” day.

Andrew Nipper, of Cape Girardeau, has been charged with felony animal abuse, stealing the dog and first-degree stalking.

Katlynn Biggerstaff, the dog’s owner, claims that Nipper and her friend dated in the past and that Nipper stabbed her dog to get revenge after her friend called the police on Nipper for stalking her. She added that Nipper also tried to hit her friend with his car.

Biggerstaff explained that she put her dog on a leash outside for a few minutes, and then returned to find her dog missing. A few hours later, she heard a knock on her door, and opened it to find a trash bag on the front step. Inside the bag was her deceased dog.

Police then received a tip that Nipper had possession of the dog at one point after he took a selfie of him with the dog in his car and sent it to someone else.

After police searched Nipper’s home, they found the same trash bags that the dog was stuffed into, and also found black hairs in his car, similar to the dog’s hair.