Sometimes all you need in life is a cuteness overload. The world is so busy and hectic with all sorts of negative things in the news. Toss all that to the side and let your fingers do the walking. Scroll through this delightful pack of pooches and we double dog dare you not to smile.

#1 Look deep into my gorgeous blue eyes, you know you can’t look away.

Source: Reddit


#2 This German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cutie is making our hearts skip a few extra beats.

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#3 Why be one kind of beautiful when you can be two with eyes like these 😍

Source: Instagram/Kuzco the Emperor


#4 This Aussie mix is like fine art!

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#5 Look at the miles of smiles with this Corgi mix. Say cheese!

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#6 We could get lost in these wrinkles and never come back out! Meet a sweet Shar Pei/Bulldog mixed pup.

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#7 This Chihuahua mix looks like she’s waiting for a big smooch!

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#8 If you think this little one looks like a Coyote, you are right. He is mixed with a German Shepherd for the ultimate ‘awwww’ factor.

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#9 From puppyhood to adolescence to gorgeous adult, this German Shepherd/American Staffordshire Terrier mix is a real heart stealer.

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#10 Zero the dog is an English Bull Terrier with a dollop of some other dog breeds. But you can definitely see that ‘Target Dog’ in there! Just paint his eye with a bullseye and call it a day!

Source: Reddit


#11 Part Husky, Part Pomeranian- this “Pomsky” is ALL cutie! 

Source: Instagram/Kiara the Pomsky


#12 Pardon us for a moment, we’ve got cuteness overload for this Husky/Chow mixed pup.


#13 When a Chocolate Labrador gets together with a Corgi, this is the magic that happens.

Source: Instagram/Moxxie the Corgidor


#14 This cutie, named Harper, is on her way to a forever home. One thing’s for sure: She will capture hearts.

Source: Instagram/Harper_the_Mutt


#15 When you’ve got a smile like this, you must show it off. He is a Border Collie/Samoyed mix.

Source: Instagram/McKinleyBearDog


#16 This pup may be showing off her favorite winter accessory, but she’s already warmed our hearts. She’s a Poodle/Chihuahua mix. 

Source: Instagram/Lovelyyellandy


#17 Genji is a nearly six-month-old mixed breed, but his owners aren’t sure exactly what those breeds are. They do know they love him to pieces!

Source: Reddit


We are in mega love with these dogs. How about you?

Aren’t mixed breeds the best? Show us your glamour mutt in the comment section.