Skywalker, a tiny kitten with giant thumbs, was surrendered at a hospital when he was just three weeks old and weighed less than a pound. A hospital worker pitied the lonely and love-starved kitten, and decided to take him home.


Source: mojito_rose/Instagram


At his new home, Skywalker was instantly besotted with Mojito, the family’s affectionate Golden Retriever and therapy dog. Mojito’s heart melted at the sight of the helpless kitty. Skywalker’s big, starry eyes begged for love and Mojito adopted him with all her heart.

Soon, Skywalker started blooming into a loving, cuddly kitten under Mojito’s nurturing love and care. Mojito looks out for every pet in her home, but for Skywalker, she is like a devoted mother. She bathes him, snuggles with him and makes sure that he is safe and never lonely!


Source: mojito_rose/Instagram


Today, Skywalker is a goofy and adorable cat who loves following his canine mama around the house. Skywalker plays with the other cats and dogs in his home too, but when it’s time for a nap, he always runs to mama Mojito! Mojito too cherishes her baby more than anything in the world. We really can’t get enough of their beautiful bond!

Click the video below to watch the adorable playtime between Mojito and Skywalker!