Watson, the Boxer, is one sweet pup! He loves to play and that includes doing fun tricks for his human.

The Good Boy sits patiently while a pair of Crocs sits in front of him. But just wait! His secret talent is one for the books!

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On command, Watson slides on the shoes with his two front paws. Then, like a star, walks in a shuffle across the room. It’s hysterical!

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We love how he looks down the entire time, in ultimate concentration. Isn’t he the cutest?!

Crocs are often controversial. The shoe, made of rubber with holes on top, was actually invented primarily for boaters. Which makes a lot of sense since they are lightweight and drain water easily. However, they became very popular among kids and non-boating adults.

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People either LOVE OR HATE Crocs, there’s rarely an opinion in between. You can argue about the shoe all you want, but one this is for certain: Watson looks amazing in them!

This Good Boy is a star no matter what he wears. Check out his shuffle in the video below!