When a woman in St. Augustine, Florida, collapsed recently after suffering a stroke, her fate seemed very bleak. Maureen Hatcher never anticipated her two loyal Labrador Retrievers would be the ones to save her life.

Hatcher told her dog, Sadie, “Mommy needs help.” The next thing Hatcher realized, the dogs were gone.

Source: NBC News

The security camera on the front door captured the exact moment the dogs left the house and dashed across the street for help.

A concerned neighbor came to the house, stepped inside, saw Hatcher and dialed 911. When paramedics arrived, they knew she had a stroke, so they took her the proper facility for care.

Source: NBC News

Thanks to a relatively new procedure at the specialty hospital, Hatcher’s clot that caused the stroke was successfully removed.

So many factors came together on this fateful day. Thanks to Bella and Sadie, they can continue to enjoy their mom’s company for many years to come. Good doggies!