Mona the Staffordshire Terrier was surrendered to the shelter at five years old when her family moved away and were unable to take her along. And over 400 days later, she’s still there. She’s the sweetest dog, and she doesn’t understand why she can’t find a home.

Every time it seems as if she has found a forever home, something falls apart. After 420 days in the shelter she was adopted but then sadly returned because the others dogs in the house didn’t like her. She was adopted the very next day but once again returned to the shelter. That family’s youngest daughter turned out to be allergic to Mona.

The Animal Foundation shelter in Las Vegas has heard it all when it comes to the reasons people don’t want to adopt the sweet dog. Mona is either “too old,” or “not affectionate enough,” or “not pretty.” The poor girl has remained at the shelter for no fault of her own.

Her shyness often caused people to pass over her at the shelter as she’d sit toward the back of her kennel. So the foundation tried to refute these myths with short videos on Facebook of Mona being affectionate and active. They want to make sure the next family that takes her home is the one. An active family without other dogs would be perfect for her, and the staff knows that family is out there somewhere.

She’s a great dog and just wants to be loved, and the staff at The Animal Foundation has seen it first hand. Mona deserves a loving family, and they won’t stop trying until she gets one. If you live in the Las Vegas area and think you could be the perfect match for her, head over to Mona’s adoption page for more information. Let’s help find this sweet girl a home! 🙂

h/t Animal Channel