Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loyalty to family, so when a thief broke into the home where a “Bernie” lived, things got a bit hairy. Monty, a one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog loves his pack, the Olness family in Wayzata, Minnesota. Minnetonka Police were out searching the streets recently and telling everyone to stay inside and lock their doors.

The Olness family was in the process of locking both front and back doors to their home when an alarm went off to indicate an external door was opened. Griffen Olness and Monty the dog went to the basement to see what was going on, and that’s when they went face to face with a suspected car thief.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

“We opened this door. He was standing right there, and he just immediately made a dash for the door, opened that door, and ran away. We closed the door because we weren’t sure if he was armed or not, but Monty kind of slipped through and chased him down,” Olness told the press.

Olness says they have a rule around their house that you don’t run away from Monty because he thinks you are playing a game with him. Monty will chase you and jump on you from behind, and Monty made good on his skills by chasing after the guy. Police were able to apprehend the man, who was taken away in an ambulance for a minor injury.

Source: WCCO – CBS Minnesota/YouTube

Monty is being heralded as a hero for stopping the bad guy in his tracks. What a good boy you are, Monty! More about this brave pooch can be seen in the video below.