Dogs are first and foremost loyal creatures. When a dog bonds with his owner, that bond becomes unbreakable. We know this all too well. That is why dogs are seriously the best. But the bond between dog and human can sometimes come at a price. Especially for one beautiful dog named Moose.

Moose had lived a tragic life. He was adopted then abandoned on the side of the road when his first owner no longer wanted him. He was tied to a road sign as if he meant nothing. That is when Eleventh Hour Rescue in New Jersey took Moose in. The sweet dog needed a stable environment and a new owner who would never give up on him.

Moose luckily found the perfect dad. But then tragedy struck again. His dad got very sick. Moose loyally stayed by his dad side day in and day out. But when his dad ultimately passed away, Moose’s grief got the best of him. He refused to leave the empty hospital bed.

A photo of Moose was shared on social media. It was such a compelling shot that proved a dog’s loyalty never dies despite what happens to their owner. The photo was shared thousands of times and thankfully reached Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Eleventh Hour Rescue stepped in immediately. Their priority was to rehome Moose where he would thrive and get through his grief. The rescue group picked Moose up and shared his story on their Facebook page. Their caption was incredible. Our favorite part: “Let’s mend his heart together.”

Scientists have debated dogs’ emotions for centuries. Because they cannot communicate as we do, many assume they do not have the capacity to feel emotionally on the same level– but Moose proved that is not true. We know better. Dogs are intuitive creatures that can sense quite a lot. Also, their capacity to love is limitless.

Moose’s story picked up even more, and tons of applications came pouring in. This time the rescue organization made sure they picked an adopter that was home during the day to make sure Moose didn’t spend too much time alone. They finally found the perfect family and Moose was in his new home just a few days later. We know a part of Moose will never get over losing his dad but we are so grateful he is now cared for and loved.

Feature image courtesy of Eleventh Hour Rescue