A sad “mop dog” lies alone on a piece of cardboard, its only home. The opening image of this new Dr. Pepper commercial is enough to break our hearts. The poor pooch walks the streets on its own, across railroad tracks and down a street, past two more “regular”  looking dogs who are being happily walked by their owner. The three of them ignore our tragic hero, who pauses at a store window to look at a mop (of course) before continuing on his lonesome way.

The dog’s fortune changes when he comes upon a Dr. Pepper deliveryman and follows him to his truck. You’ll have to watch the commercial to see what happens, but it brought a HUGE smile to our faces.

And by the way, as you probably know, “mop dog” isn’t this guy’s official name. He’s a Puli, a Hungarian breed that naturally grows those awesome dreadlocks that makes it look like, well, a mop. Despite its cutesy and humorous looks, the Puli is a tough breed, according to the American Kennel Club. Built to handle any terrain and inclement weather (those wooly cords of fur provide excellent insulation), it’s an agile and smart dog that has been herding flocks of sheep for Hungarian shepherds for over a millennia. Pulis’ coats can be either black, white or gray. As you can imagine, those coats require a lot of care, but they don’t shed much.

Dr. Pepper’s message here is to always be one of a kind. And they chose a perfect mascot. Pulis certainly don’t look like most dogs out there… and Dr. Pepper certainly doesn’t taste like most colas out there.

The two found a match made in heaven in a sweet and simple commercial that celebrates individuality and tells a story that’s always a hit with the crowd: the bond between man and Puli.