NMDOG is a grassroot-level non-profit rescue based in New Mexico, who recently rescued 19 severely abused dogs from a rural mesa property. The dogs were living in extremely traumatizing conditions, with 12 of them being chained on the barren scorching land 24/7. The rest were literally living in their own piled up waste in putrid makeshift pens.

Source: NMDOG/Facebook

Of all the rescues, the plight of a dog named Mousey was the worst. She was forced to live in an abandoned car for 5 years, surrounded by mounds of her feces, urine and other rubbish. The experience compromised her mental health, and she plastered herself into the dashboard to avoid the rescuers. The rescuers showed some incredible skills as they got in the car and plucked her out from that metal prison.

Source: NMDOG/Facebook

All the dogs are now under the adequate care of the rescue, but their physical and emotional recovery will take time. Meanwhile, the rescue has decided to keep the location of the property private. This is to protect the previous guardian of these dogs, who is terribly “remorseful” of the haunting predicament of these powerless dogs.

Source: KRQE/YouTube

The rescue has clarified that the dogs’ caretakers will not face any charges, as they were the ones who reached out to the rescue for help. Also, it has been challenging to enforce the state animal welfare laws in remote rural jurisdictions. At the end of the day, it falls upon local rescues to ensure the welfare of animals living in these rustic pockets.

Click the video below to watch the terrifying condition of these 19 abused and neglected dogs before rescue.

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