Cat cafes are so 2017. Now, the dogs are getting center stage, with canine cafes opening up around the globe.

This particular spot is in Nottingham, England, and it was a pop-up café for the day. The café even hired a baker to bring in canine-inspired treats. Their owners were invited to stop in, with or without their Dachshunds. Ironically, the event was hosted by a group called Pug Cafe, which originally started hosting pug-themed parties.

The people behind it say it’s as much about creating a community of fellow Dachshund lovers as it is about growing business.

Dogs got to roam off-leash and enjoy puppy-friendly-popsicles.

They say it went so well, they’ll host other Dachshund Cafes around England.

Odds are, you’ll see them beyond England, too, with this kind of community and fun sure to spread.