We all know that getting an unwilling pet into the bathtub for a bath is a real struggle. Try as you may, but smart pets have the perfect tactics to dodge the scrubbing and rubbing of a bath.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Mylo is a Boxer who hates the very idea of a bath. His mom calls him a stinky baby and pleads him to come for a bath. But Mylo knows better. He stays glued to his spot, thinking of all the various techniques he can use to skip the bath.

Mylo’s instinctive trick is to flutter his eyes and look helplessly sleepy. But those puppy eyes aren’t going to win over Mom this time, as she keeps up with her efforts to get Mylo into the bathtub. Mom even makes some hilarious meow-sounds as she tries to trick Mylo into thinking there’s a cat in the bathtub.

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

But, Mylo’s been burnt before. The moment he reaches the bathroom door, he darts back like the repulsive end of a magnet. Within seconds, he’s back in his safe spot upstairs, and we’re left wondering if Mom ever managed to get Mylo into that bathtub!

Click the video below to watch Mylo giving Mom a tough time by playing hilariously hard to get!