We all know that when a puppy is small, she depends on her mother for her needs to be met. When that puppy is either taken away too soon or something tragic happens, the harm can be irreversible. That was the rescuers’ fear when a tiny puppy was found on the side of the highway in California with her siblings.

Tiny Nala was found trying to nurse from her mother’s deceased body. Sadly, her mother was hit by a car and lay helpless. It was too late to save mom, but rescuers were not going to give up on the four-week-old puppies.

Nala and her siblings were taken to the vet straight away. Nala’s front legs were set in casts. Her legs are deformed from birth and setting them in casts should help to straighten them out. The puppies are also malnourished and suffering from Giardia and mange. The trio is put on high-calorie puppy formula and antibiotics.

Each day, Nala makes exceptional progress with her walking. She has a wonderful disposition as well. It’s like she can understand that her life has so much meaning. Her spirit is strong just like her!

Soon, Nala is able to run and play with her siblings. When she walks, you can’t even tell that her legs were deformed. What a miracle. Now that the puppies are doing better, they can leave their foster home.

The best news came when a family came forward to adopt Nala. They then said, “We want all three puppies!” The rescuers were jumping for joy. This is a rare occurrence. The puppies have been through so much and had to be strong in order to survive. To know they will never have to be apart is amazing.

Thank you to the rescuers who saved these precious lives. Click play below on the happy-ending video and don’t forget to share Nala’s story!