Children always have a special relationship with their dogs. For many kids, dogs are not just a loyal companion, but also a reliable support system. We’ve often seen bullied kids find solace in the warm company of their dogs.


Source: Lmarie624/YouTube


In this video, we see the emotional bond between a Pit Bull named Nala and Russell, her human sibling. Russell has to go to school every morning and Nala wishes she could follow him. But she knows that’s not possible, so she patiently waits for him to come back home.

Nala always senses when Russell is about to arrive. She sits on the front porch and patiently waits for the familiar sounds of the school bus. Every second seems like an eternity to her. But Nala’s face lights up as soon as she sees the bus finally coming close!


Source: Lmarie624/YouTube


Nala bolts like lightning to greet her little human. Russell too jumps out of the bus and drops his bag to embrace and play with Nala. Looks like they missed each other way too much! Nala and Russell’s pure bond of love will definitely steal your hearts!

Click the video below to watch Nala and Russell’s sweet and innocent friendship!