The Sri Lankan Navy had their hands full, quite literally, after they received a call regarding an elephant who had been swept out to sea, nearly ten miles from shore.

Naval workers first spotted the elephant while they were on their routine patrol to make sure nothing illegal or odd was happening in the water. The last thing they expected to see was an elephant drowning in the water!

While the elephant was struggling to keep his head above the water, he was using his truck as a make-shift snorkel, but wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

Thankfully, the naval workers quickly jumped into the water with scuba gear and used ropes to tie around the elephant and pull him safely through the water.

Before releasing him back into the wild, wildlife officials checked him over to make sure he wasn’t hurt. Thankfully, aside from being exhausted from treading water for so long, the elephant was just fine.

But how on earth did a giant elephant wind up ten miles from shore? Officials think he was swept out while attempting to cross a lagoon that was in a nearby nature preserve.

Thankfully he’s now back at the nature preserve and doing great, all thanks to the Sri Lankan Navy!

Watch the rescue in the video below: