When Jane Taylor decided to foster a chubby 5-year-old Pit Bull named Nellie, she was told that Nellie was a fearful dog. Nellie’s past as an abused puppy and the constant movement from shelter to shelter in search of a home had made her very insecure.


Source: Final Frontier Rescue Project/Facebook


Jane noticed that the timid Nellie was very protective of her toys. Over the next 6 months, Nellie bonded with Jane over their love for running and hiking together. Nellie turned into a fit dog, and would even look out for other dogs in the foster home.

One day, Jane was out on a hiking trip with Nellie in a Texas state park, when a venomous rattlesnake crawled towards Jane. But before the snake could cause any harm, Nellie bravely jumped on the snake and subdued the reptile.



Jane heard a screeching cry from Nellie, as the snake bit her in the face. She quickly carried Nellie in her arms to get her to the hospital. Nellie received a timely anti-venom shot and antibiotics, and this helped her survive the ordeal.


Source: Final Frontier Rescue Project/Facebook


Nellie was incapacitated for a long time during recovery. Today, she is doing well, but now Jane is worried about finding a suitable forever home for her courageous protector. We hope that the brave and loving Nellie finds her perfect family very soon!

Click the video below to watch how the shy Nellie turned into a brave guardian for her beloved foster mom.