Newlyweds Aliki and Walter, of Canada, were honeymooning in Greece when they discovered an awful sight that they had never expected: a dog who was being eaten alive by parasites & only weeks away from death.

He was living on the streets of a small town and was withering away to nothing, just skin and bones. When the couple was driving down the street that he was on, the dog walked right up to the driver’s window, as if he were asking for help.

When the couple first saw him, he cowered a lot and was very timid, most likely because people had not been very kind to him in the past. But despite his deplorable state, his little tail that he kept between his legs still wagged. He was relieved to have found people who were nice enough to pay him any attention.

With the help of Greek Animal Rescue and Diasozo, the couple changed. . .  Click To Continue Reading This Story…

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With the help of Greek Animal Rescue and Diasozo, the couple changed their plans to help this sad, lonely pup. The couple knew they couldn’t leave him behind and said there was just something about him that made them feel compelled to help him.

Rescuers picked him up and gave him a can of food, which he gobbled up in seconds. He was brought to the clinic, where he was treated for mange and internal parasites.

Vets believe that if he lived on the streets any longer, he would’ve died within weeks. But thankfully he was saved just in time and was on the road to recovery. His new life came with a new name: Nelson.

After five months of treatment and care, Nelson’s hair had fully grown back in and he looked like a whole different dog. His transformation was incredible, both physically and mentally. He had learned to trust again and couldn’t stop smiling or wagging his tail.

After he was fully healed, he flew on a plane to Canada to reunite with the couple who saved his life. They adopted him and were in awe of his new appearance. Nelson is such a beautiful dog, and it’s amazing to think of how far he has come, all thanks to these newlyweds!

Watch his jaw-dropping transformation in the video below: