No, that’s not a wolf and no, it’s not a dog, and no, it’s not even a coyote. What you are about to see is something called a “coywolf” — a new species of animal that combines wolves, dogs, and coyotes all into one amazing package.

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The animal is evolving right before the eyes of scientists in the eastern United States.

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The particular interbreeding of this species started about 200 years ago when European settlers pushed into the area of southern Ontario in Canada. The animal’s habitat was cleared so they could farm, but a large population of wolves was killed, too. In the meantime, farmers brought dogs into the area and coyotes were spreading from the prairies. What resulted are the new genetically-similar species being dubbed the “coywolf.”

They weigh about 55 pounds and are fast, muscular, and have large jaws. What starts as a deep-pitched howl like a wolf then turns into a yipping sound more like a coyote.

Source: YouTube

The coywolf is being spotted in bigger cities like New York, Washington, and Boston. They are smart, and even understand to look both ways before crossing a street!

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