Despite being a Pit Bull, despite being on the streets and shunned by so many, Matilda was the warmest, sweetest, most loving dog. She didn’t harbor any ill will towards humans. If anything, she craved their touch and love more than anything.

A dog trainer that works with the rescue group decided to foster Matilda while she went through treatment. At his home, she really began to shine. She made good friends with his other rescue dogs. She spent long hours playing with her new pack and snuggling with them. She was finally accepted and that gave her a new lease on life.

The dog trainer fell in love with Matilda– and who can blame him! He officially adopted her and what happened next is simply amazing!

Matilda blossomed even more! Her social skills, her ability to read cues from other dogs and humans, her unwavering patience, made her the best candidate that her new dad now trusts with newcomers. Matilda’s social graces are so incredible that when she spends time with a dog that really needs guidance, it doesn’t take long for that dog to learn just what to do.

She teaches others how to play without biting, how to accept their surroundings and relax. Her energy is simply contagious. And this has, in turn, made other unadoptable dogs into success stories.

Matilda doesn’t care that she’s a Pit Bull. People that really know her don’t care either. They know to look beyond the stereotype because this dog is simply special, no matter what she looks like on the outside.

Let her story be a lesson to us all. To learn more about Matilda and her success, please take the time to watch the video below by Orphan Pet. She’s such a wonderful dog!