Marine Major Brian Dennis met a stray dog named Nubs during his deployment in Iraq. Nubs’ ears had been cropped off, which was a brutal local practice to make dogs “tougher” as guard animals. But for Brian, Nubs was one of the gentlest souls he had ever met.

Source: Brian Dennis/gina/YouTube

Nubs formed an instant attachment to Brian the moment he set eyes on him. Brian grew concerned as the dog kept following him around, mostly because they were under strict orders to avoid adopting any pet in the camp. But despite his unwillingness, Nubs became his only sanctuary in the war-torn country.

One day, Brian found Nubs unconscious with severe injuries. Apparently, someone had vengefully stabbed the dog with a screwdriver and left him to die. Brian rushed Nubs to his base and treated his infected wounds, but he had no hope of the dog coming back to life.

Source: Brian Dennis/gina/YouTube

It was a pure miracle when Nubs eventually made a complete recovery, but things never quite settled for the duo. Brian had to bid the pooch goodbye as he was asked to shift to a different base. But imagine his surprise when he found Nubs waiting for him outside his new camp just days later! The faithful boy had somehow traveled for miles to be close to his favorite human!

Brian bent a few rules and built a doghouse for Nubs outside the camp, but the tale of his inseparable bond with the dog reached the higher ups. When he was sternly asked to get rid of the dog, the determined soldier pledged to ensure Nubs’ safety once and for all!

Source: Brian Dennis/gina/YouTube

Watch this amazing video till the end to see how Brian surpassed the many daunting odds and went out of his way to guarantee Nubs’ future. This story proves why a dog’s innocent and unconditional love is such an invaluable treasure for so many battle-scarred soldiers!

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