When Lisa Briggs dropped her dog, Nya, off at Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas, she had no idea it would be the last time she’d see the dog alive. Nya was dropped out for a routine spaying surgery, but the veterinarian instead euthanized the dog.

Briggs says the animal is dead due to the vet’s mistake and he isn’t taking responsibility for it. She told KXAN, “One of their employees [at the veterinarian] accidentally sent me an email that was meant for another employee.”

Source: KXAN

In the email, it is stated they don’t know what happened and “they put euthanize.” Lisa’s son, nine-year-old Landon, is overwhelmed with sadness and grief.

“I wanted to collapse on the floor and scream because I was really sad,” he shared.

Source: KXAN

The family filed a lawsuit and has retained the services of an attorney.

The doctor has not responded and won’t return calls or emails, according to Lisa. A reporter at KXAN also tried to connect with the vet, but the vet has yet to respond.

Source: KXAN

There are no mandatory guidelines before putting an animal to sleep, according to the Executive Director of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. He did tell KXAN that most hospitals have a policy where they receive a signature from the family before proceeding.

Our condolences go out to the Briggs family on this devastating loss. See more on this story in the video below.