Odin, an Alaskan Malamute, had only known a life of severe abuse and neglect. His breeders had left him chained up and ailing. Just when he thought he would die of hunger, he was rescued by Southern Pines Animal Shelter and Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi.



At the vet’s, Odin was found to have several skin infections, intestinal worms, and heart worms. He had also lost most of his teeth, due to his attempts to chew away the chains. Malamutes are known for their gorgeous coats, but Odin didn’t have an inch of healthy hair on his body!

A woman named Sydney Schelkopf was heartbroken to see the soul-shivering condition of Odin. She decided to foster him, and nurse him back to health. But even in his new home, Odin would lie depressed in one spot, like someone had sucked the joy out of him.



But soon, Sydney noticed that Odin was slowly learning to find the strength within him. He fought back the horrors of his past life, and began healing under Sydney’s love and care.



Today, Odin looks nothing like his past form. His fur is back, and so is his smile! He looks like a happy, cheeky pup, who spreads sunshine wherever he goes. What a heart-tugging story of recovery!

Click the video below to watch the Odin trying to convince Mom that it’s bedtime!