An incredible 9-year-old third grader from Strongsville, Ohio, found a way to create an organization, raise thousands of dollars, and save the lives of countless police offers.

…and those officers just happen to be K-9 units!

Source: Fox 8 News / YouTube

Brady Snakovsky wants to grow up to be a police officer. So, naturally, he loves to watch police shows on television. One day, when a police dog came on the screen, he realized the pup wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest like his human counterpart.

Because many K-9 units are self-funded, they often don’t have enough money to purchase vests for every dog on the force. The protective armor can cost upwards of $1,000!

Source: Fox 8 News / YouTube

Brady didn’t think it was right that police dogs weren’t protected, so in 2018, he established Brady’s K9 Fund. It is a nonprofit organization with the goal of raising money to purchase K-9 protective vests that he can donate to canine officers across the country.

Ever since he established the nonprofit, Brady has donated 79 vests, including five for each of the K-9s from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Source: Fox 8 News / YouTube

It didn’t take long for support to start pouring in for Brady’s project. So far, he has raised over $74,000!

Source: GoFundMe

If you’d like to support Brady’s cause and help protect K-9 officers across the country, visit his GoFundMe page.

This little boy’s kind actions will save the lives of countless dogs across the country; he’s going to grow up to be an incredible police officer.