The Zagami family from Wairewa, Australia, was forced to evacuate immediately when the bushfires crept into their town. Along with their Golden Retriever, OJ, the family relocated to the shelter and waited for the firefighters to extinguish the catastrophic flames.

After the fires were contained, the family returned to their home hoping to salvage whatever was left after the fire. The family was devastated to find that their home was one among the 11 homes that was completely consumed by the blaze. There was nothing left to be salvaged, except for OJ’s favorite stuffed toy.

OJ dug through the rubble and pulled out his brown plush toy, mostly untouched by the flames. The haunted dog grabbed his beloved toy and whimpered as he realized that his happy and cozy home is gone. OJ’s bittersweet moment with his toy was shared by a local reporter on social media, where it instantly went viral.

People from all over the world are offering to donate pet supplies to the furry companions affected by the Australian bushfires. If you wish to assist in the recovery of these displaced animals, you can make a contribution at World Wildlife Fund’s donation page here. We’re glad that OJ is safe and hope that his family finds the necessary help. Let’s band together to help battered dogs like him!

Click the video below to watch OJ’s emotional reunion with his favorite toy after the fire.