It is quite an unfair deal for kids (and everyone else) that most of the healthy foods and veggies often don’t taste as good as junk food. On the other hand, junk food tastes heavenly, but sadly, offer no nutritional brownie points.



Olive, a Labrador, channels the inner child in all of us when Dad decides to make a catalogue of the foods that she likes and dislikes. In this hilarious video, we see Olive stare excitedly at Dad, as he begins listing out some of her favorite food items.

Dad starts off with a nice combination of cheesy pizzas and burritos and other deep-fried delicacies. Olive’s tongue seems to have a mind of its own as we see her drooling and lapping away her tongue with lightning-fast speed.



But it all comes to a sudden stop the moment Dad mentions broccoli! Peas, salads and sprouts – all get a hilarious deadpan stare from the disinterested Olive. Dad senses it and gets back to name-dropping a variety of junk food, and, like magic, Olive’s tongue is back in the game! This is, undeniably, the funniest thing we’ve watched in a long time!

Click the video below to watch Olive’s hilarious reaction to Dad’s food list!