A day of boating fun on a lake in the Clark County, Washington area turned into near tragedy for one family’s adorable little pup. The pint-sized pooch fell off a sailboat and landed in the Columbia River, struggling for his life.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has a Marine Unit which was summoned to help aide the tiny doggy, named Ollie, before he drowned.

Source: Clark County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Ollie floated several hundred yards before Marine deputies got him to safety. The reason the dog floated and did not succumb to drowning is thanks to his owners putting a floatation device on him.

Two things saved the little dog’s life on that nearly fateful day: the marine deputies and the life jacket.

Source: Clark County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

“We plucked a tired but happy Ollie from the Columbia and returned him to his owners,” Clark County Sheriff’s Office wrote on their Facebook page. “Thank you Ollie for setting a great example and wearing your life jacket!”

Always be like Ollie if you are going to engage in any sort of boating or water activities with your dog. Be sure your precious pups wear the appropriate floatation device.

Source: Clark County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook


Feature Photo: Aaron Quigley/Flickr