A woman in Hernando County was disturbed to see a 1-year-old Pit Bull tied to the back bumper of a speeding truck by his collar. The dog was flopping around helplessly while being dragged by the truck, which was being driven by the dog’s owner. By the time the rope snapped and the dog was freed, he was severely bleeding and grazed in several places.


Source: Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center/Facebook


The Pit Bull, named Ollie, was rescued and taken to the Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center. His skin and foot pads were severely wounded in several places. Since he didn’t have any broken bones, his recovery seemed possible. But Ollie’s huge medical expenses were becoming a concern.

Many locals stepped in to donate towards his hospital bills. A total of $4,000 was collected and it helped Ollie’s recovery become a possibility. Meanwhile, investigators are looking for the truck driver, 58-year-old Gregory Tousignant. We wish Ollie a quick recovery and hope that Gregory is caught soon and justice is served.


Source: @fox7austin/Twitter


Update: Gregory has been tracked down by the investigators. He was allegedly driving without a license, and claims that he didn’t know the dog had jumped out of the bed of his truck. Officers nevertheless argued that since the dog was unsecured and tied to the truck’s bumper, it was enough to be considered as negligence.


Source: Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center/Facebook


A warrant was issued for Gregory’s arrest on animal cruelty and traffic violation charges. He went on to accept a plea deal and will be spending 270 days behind bars. Do you think the sentence was enough for the pain he caused Ollie?

Click the video below to watch Ollie’s miserable plight after sustaining severe injuries from being grazed on the rough road.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.