Mother nature can be exceptionally cruel with her unstoppable forces. And even when we are prepared, there are some things that are beyond our control. When an EF2 tornado ripped through Logan County, Arkansaw, the entire town searched for cover.

Source: NewsChannel5

Ona Dunlap assisted a disabled roommate while her husband, Bruce, trailed behind making sure their four cats and two dogs were safe. As they made their way out of the house, Ona assumed their dog Dasha was right behind them. Except Dasha was petrified of storms.

Even when Bruce did all he could to coax Dasha to come to him, she refused. Bruce also couldn’t find one of their cats, Ladybug, but knowing how resourceful she is, he had confidence that she would know where to hide to stay safe.

Had Bruce stayed behind with Dasha and Ladybug, he knew he wouldn’t have survived. He prayed that Dasha would run off and find safe ground while he and Ona sought safe shelter for themselves. All they could do was pray.

After the tornado finally passed, the couple came up from their storm shelter. They were in awe by the destruction. Their home had quickly turned into a pile of rubble. While seeing what was left of their home completely broke their hearts, what they were most focused on was finding Dasha and Ladybug.

However, at this point, it was pitch black out and there was no way they could look for them. The couple had no other choice but to leave and come back in the morning to search through the rubble.

The next morning, distraught and wracked with fear, Bruce and Ona returned to their neighborhood. And what they found next, cushioned the blow of losing their home. Standing there as if she had been waiting, was Dasha.

The couple believes Dasha sought refuge beneath their large kitchen counter. She was unharmed and thrilled to see her family. Their reunion was made even sweeter when their final pet, Ladybug, was also found. The cat was soaking wet and scared but unharmed.

While the Dunlaps had gone through a traumatic ordeal, they did not lose their family. We are thrilled that Dasha and Ladybug are safe and sound!