Now you see it, now you don’t, or perhaps there’s a dog hidden in there somewhere. That’s what millions of people are saying thanks to the latest Internet puzzle craze. If you love dogs, puzzles, or both, do you think you can spot a dog hidden in the photo below?

Source: TopBuzz

Organizers of the test say that a mere one percent of the population can find the hidden dog within two minutes, so are you one of them?

In this image, called an optical illusion, what the average person perceives is not the reality. Optical illusions are designed to play tricks on your vision.

Don’t worry, we will reveal the answer, but would you like a hint? Are there any features on the man that perhaps are related to a dog? Look closely. Try not to focus too hard, though, as you might miss it.

Now we will show you the hidden dog in the image:

Source: TopBuzz

Did you look upside down at the image? When the image is flipped, it’s actually a cute dog gnawing on a bone while he sits on a carpet. How cool is that, right? Be sure to share with your friends to see if they can guess, too!