*Actual footage of live birth, viewer discretion is advised

Animal lovers will agree: we are more alike than we are different. Maybe that’s why seeing something like this is so extraordinary.

Ever see something so magical that you nearly forget to breathe? The way the sun perfectly kisses the horizon, the way a child’s eyes light up seeing something for the first time, what pure love looks like from the outside… There’s so much magic in this world. Isn’t it awesome when we get to see it UP CLOSE?!


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For many years, wildlife photographers have tried to capture this very moment, unsuccessfully. UNTIL NOW! Until this video, no one has had the pleasure, the honor, of seeing a mama orangutan give birth up close. Now we get to see it play-by-play and to say it’s magical is an understatement.

A proud mother-to-be orangutan, in labor, knows exactly what to do as she perches high on a nest. There are no nurses, no midwives, and no doctors. There are also no pain meds! OH MY! The baby enters the world and is quickly taken into her mother’s arms.


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Mom knows exactly what to do. She works to clean her baby and free her from the amniotic sac, next she works on clearing her airways. Then, she clamps off the umbilical cord. You can even hear Dad in the background. Maybe he’s bragging about his healthy child’s birth. Maybe he’s putting his two sense in about her care.

Then, without harming a hair on her tiny baby head, she brings her up to her arms and cradles her.


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Mom is already so proud of her daughter. The baby cries that healthy newborn cry ALL mothers crave to hear. Mom then brings her to her chest to nurse.

It’s what Donna does next with her baby that has viewers bewildered. She actually makes her way over to the people filming and shows off her daughter! Like, “Look what I’ve just done!” ❤️  “Look at my beautiful baby!” ❤️ “Isn’t she perfect?” 

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She is actually concerned about the rest of her family.  Her human family… The humans she sees on a daily basis, that helps care for her, that she has accepted into her life just like the rest of her orangutan family.

Donna will continue to mother her baby closely. She will show her how to eat, how to play, how to groom herself, and how to communicate. Each day, she will also show her how much she loves her!


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Both mom and baby are living happily at Durrell Wildlife Conservative Trustan organization that works tirelessly to keep endangered species safe in breeding programs and in facilities that are expansive and as similar to the wild as possible.

The video you are about to watch is INCREDIBLE! ❤️ Enjoy!