The makers of Planet Earth have a new docu-series out on Netflix called Our Planet, which shows viewers first-hand just how bad our planet needs saving.

While doing so, the directors and producers bring tears to viewers’ eyes and rip out their hearts by using animals to demonstrate how climate change affects more than just humans.

While the series brings you through a roller coaster of emotions, most people can agree that the baby flamingo scene is the one that has really broken their hearts the most.

The scene shows a large salt pan in Africa, where many flamingos live. Unfortunately, the water dries up due to the hot sun, which forces the flamingos to leave across the salt plains toward new fresh water.

But their trip is anything but easy. While most of the baby flamingos are unable to fly, the adults attempt to stick by their side to guide them, but many of the babies wind up getting left behind.

If they aren’t fast enough, the salt hardens on their legs, which makes walking nearly impossible.

This scene shows one baby flamingo’s sad plight as he is left behind and unable to walk as the salt solidified on his little legs.

People took to Twitter to express their heartbreak over the gut-wrenching scene that left many in literal tears.

All eight episodes of the Our Planet docu-series are available now on Netflix. Click here to learn more about Our Planet.

Click here to watch the Our Planet trailer, and watch the Our Planet flamingo scene below: