If you’ve been updated with the online dog community, you probably know who Tucker is! 

dog eating food

He’s a famous dog-tuber that is known for this taste tests! With over  1.9 million subscribers, Tucker constantly captures the hearts of dog lovers on the internet.

In this video, they have a cute little guest. Tucker’s puppy friend Pearl was visiting for a few days and she was begging to get in on the Taste Testing fun. They call her “Piranha”. Why? You’ll find out when you watch the video.

dog eating food

They haven’t even begun the taste test and Pearl was already getting on the table and started to get really excited. She did not say no to almost all of the food that was offered, compared to Tucker that was ignoring some of the food like the broccoli. 

Watch how adorable little Pearl devours everything that is given, even if it’s not her share.