Humane euthanasia is an option when an animal is in pain and has no quality of life. It is also an option for a puppy like Bronson. Bronson was born via cesarean section with his brothers and sisters. All were healthy except Bronson.

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The newborn had a cleft palate and his prognosis was poor. Surgery was an option down the line but getting him to nurse properly in the meantime would be an impossible task. To make sure he survived, and thrived, until he was old enough (and strong enough) for surgery would be challenging.

The owner chose to euthanize him.

But one person wouldn’t hear of it. Vet technician, who goes by kaffekalle on Imgur, wanted to try to save the tiny pup.

via Imgur

Kaffekalle wrote:

“I took him on knowing he may not live. On my 30th birthday, a chocolate lab had a c-section at my veterinary clinic and had 9 puppies. One of those puppies had a cleft palate, and the owners opted to euthanize the puppy. Knowing the sucker I was, another vet tech got the family to sign the puppy over and got me to foster the puppy. Here is my chocolate shake and chocolate lab puppy.”

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